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Crossbows are sold with a scope that comes as a package. If you are planning to buy a package separately, you want the best one to help you with your deer hunting. Somethings you need to know before buying a crossbow:

Multi-reticle scope

A multi-reticle scope allows you to shoot at different distances, without having to change the windage or elevated adjustment to the scope. This allows aiming at the target directly without having to zero down on the distance. Most multi-reticle crossbows is made to have a fixed 4x magnification, which allows making a target from more than 50 yards. This allows you to illuminate the green and red lights if you are shooting in a low light situation. Handling a multi-reticle scope is tricky as they are marketed to shoot above a certain distance and they are calibrated at a fixed distance which means that you can shoot up to 330 feet per second.

Variable power scope

Variable power scope is multi-reticle scope which allows you to adjust the scopes speed to exact speed your arrows is shooting. This means that you can change the speed of your scope to match the speed of your arrow. Any crossbow hunters will suggest that the best crossbow scope needs to have a reticle which signifies to a 10-yard distance. This allows for precision calibration that allows the scope to make variable power to more precise shooting speed. Due to the design of most variable power scopes, the arrow speed is directly related to the power of the scopes magnification. Variable power scope also green and red illumination feature like the Multi-reticle scope.

Some tips to help you adjust a crossbow

  • There are several dots on the crossbow and the top one represent that the sight is 20 yards out. The number of these dots depends on the crossbows, but to adjust you will have to bring down the top dot to zero to ensure that the crossbow is set for 20 yards.
  • Mounting the scope is a matter of clasping the scope on the gun and securing to ensure it does not interfere with the gun.
  • Understand the type of crossbow you own and work with it
  • A parallax adjuster is extremely important to send an accurate image when it comes to crossbow hunting.
  • Good pieces of equipment help the hunter in producing a good kill. First check the bow, strings, arrows, heads, and other equipment before going hunting.
  • A crossbow hunter should know the changes in the wind to ensure that the prey does not hear or catch your scent.
  • Crossbow requires to practice to help you shoot right. It might seem hard with a lot of dedication and the perfect shot will ensure your success.