Since we’ve built our homes, offices, restaurants, etc. over top of the woods the wildlife used to live in, occasionally problems between humans and wildlife occur. We can help with many if not all these types of problems.

Many of these problems are transient and pass on their own in a couple weeks time. But if you need help sooner, read on.

One of the most common types of problems is with a raccoon getting into the trashcan! While raccoons can find a free meal hard to pass up, this can also be a fairly easy one to solve. The obvious answer is not giving the raccoon access to the trash by keeping it in a garage or shed until the morning of trash day. If that is not possible, keeping the trash bags in a large, sturdy trash can is the next best line of defense. If that doesn’t work, usually pouring ammonia in the trash can will do the trick. One whiff of ammonia usually sends a raccoon packing!

Raccoons also may set up house in your attic. This mostly happens in winter months and it’s usually a mother raccoon looking for a nice warm place to raise her babies. They’ll usually move out on their own within a few weeks when the entrance hole should be repaired before next season. We do have a male raccoon scent spray that will get mama to move her babies to a more suitable location in a hurry! One of our rehabbers is also a licensed nuisance trapper and for a donation to us will come out and help you deal with any wildlife issues on site.